You’re a Leader, a Healer, a Seeker on a Spiritual path and You want to make a bigger impact and have greater influence in your world.

After a Shin Dao (Heart Way) session with Tina you’ll feel: 

Tina’s intuition revealed unexpressed grief that had been trapped in Joanna’s shoulder. Once it was identified and released, Joanne felt lighter and regained full mobility, without pain, in her shoulder.

Recipients of this beautiful energy dance with Tina also report feeling:

  • Restored Hopefulness
  • “Like a fog has lifted”
  • Heightened Intuition
  • More open Communication with Divine / Angels / Guides / Spirits
  • Heightened Body Awareness and Acceptance

One-on-One sessions (either in person, or via Zoom) open doors to a

  • New Path of Health and Happiness.
  • Relieve pain, Release stress.
  • Experience Substantial Shifts for new Possibilities for your life.

Regardless of your ailment, your one-on-one Shin Dao Session will be a pleasantly relaxing experience that resolves the root cause of your discomfort, bringing you into a state of peace, calm, balance and relief!

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More about Shin Dao Sessions and How they Work

Your body has full capacity to heal itself. Have you ever cut your finger or broken a bone?  While your doctor may have used a few tools to help your body – applied a bandage or a cast, for example – in the end, your body did the healing for itself.

So, in this way, Tina acts as the ‘Spiritual Doctor’, accessing the tools to help your body heal itself.  Often, this involves accessing and clearing the root emotional, spiritual or mental cause for an ailment and clearing the energy of that root to allow the physical healing to happen.

Everything is energy, including your thoughts and your body.  All energy resonates at different frequencies.  Your body – each and every individual body part – has its own natural resonance, and when you have negative thoughts, or experience external energies that disrupt your natural frequencies, you experience physical, mental and emotional discomfort.

During your Shin Dao Session, Tina will intuitively ‘read’ your energy frequencies and use a variety of tools to help restore your natural resonance.  It is scientifically proven that Sound affects you far more deeply than you consciously realize, which is why various sound tools – such as tuning forks, singing bowl, drumming, songpod, birdsong and voice – will likely play an integral role in your session.

In addition, Tina will likely draw upon Light energies – and the assistance of those aligned with the SoA (Source of All), such as angels and guides – to assist your healing.  You may be asked to simply lie back, relax and allow, or you may be asked to stand and make specific movements.  You may be asked to hold a Crystal or two to amplify the energies. You may be be guided to make affirming statements and to breathe in a particular way at various points in your session.   You may experience tingling, see visions, colors or images or you may simply feel warm, comfortable and relaxed.

Each session is totally unique and guided by Divine Love Energy, so we can’t tell you exactly what will happen in your session…

But we can assure you that your session will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience!