In Tina's Own Words

“The greatest gift I received from my many years of experience in the field of sales and customer service was the joy of sharing information with people that allowed them to make an informed decision. I considered education to be the most important aspect of my various roles in this field (whether as customer service rep, account manager, or sales manager).

It took me nearly two decades as a student of personal development to realize that sharing business to business information wasn’t really fulfilling my need to make a positive impact in the world. 

Once I awakened to my desire to share information that made a personal impact on people, it didn’t take me long to launch myself into the world of developing and facilitating workshops, seminars and retreats. 

I love engaging with a room full of people!

I drew upon my love of the stage (fostered through the dramatic arts in high school) to step into the world of speaking, as well. I even fulfilled a childhood dream of being a dancer by completing my training to become a Nia teacher. (After 14+ years of sharing this beautiful blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, teaching Nia still fills my soul with joy! )

However, as a typical Type A personality, I did my best to make up for ‘lost time’; I went into overdrive for more than a decade, burning the candle at both ends. It wasn’t I drove myself into complete exhaustion, with a severe case of adrenal fatigue that left me too exhausted to work for nearly a year, that I had to face the fact that I needed help. 

I turned to the medical profession first. My general physician couldn’t help me at all. A specialist began to create shifts in my body with hormone therapy, but my recovery plateaued in just a few months. 

I began doing research of my own, which resulted in some important nutritional changes that strengthened my body. However, the depression that resulted from the long bout of being unable to do any of the things that I loved, hung on. 

It wasn’t until I discovered – and began implementing – the principles of Mindfulness that my world finally turned around. 

The discovery of Sound Wellness further enhanced my recovery. 

I am now back to being fully engaged as a facilitator and speaker… but with the knowledge and tools to prevent burning out again. My positive personal experience with the scientifically-based practices of Mindfulness and Sound Wellness has influenced me to make these practices a bigger part of my life… and my presentation repertoire. 

Walking further along my own personal Spiritual path has taken me to yet another stage of healing…. and brought me to the space of acknowledging of my spiritual gift for receiving and transmitting energy, information, and resources.  It took many years of people telling me, “You’re the real McCoy!” after benefitting from this gift, before I was prepared to hang my shingle as a ‘Healer’.

As a healer, I do not heal anyone. Rather, I facilitate the right conditions, creating a safe and sacred space for people to relax into healing. I combine the science of the modalities I use with the art of using my intuitive gifts to be a channel for the energies that enhance people’s quality of life.

It is my desire to bring the peace, calm and overall wellness that I’ve created in my life with these tools and talents, into the lives of others. 

It would be my humble honor to share all I learned through training – and the school of hard knocks – to help you create a more positive and productive environment that makes you/your people feel happier and healthier.