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Feedback from customized sessions for events held by various organizations:

Tina Thrussell was an assistive, accommodating and organized presenter. Participants raved in the lobby about her and some wanted to pack her in their suitcases and take her home with them! She was timely, topical and had the information her attendees were craving; they simply absorbed her energy, aura, and information she provided with a calm feeling proficiency that looked like she was talking with friends. As a presenter, I highly recommend you snatch up Tina before her schedule overflows! Her topics can fit into many professions, take a look at her website and see what she offers; you will be excited to have her speak. Tina went above and beyond; she provided an extra session in the evening for conference attendees, she offered early morning risers NIA sessions, all in addition to her contracted sessions.
julie isaac
Executive Director, AASLW
Tina Thrussell was our guest speaker at our employee training session... Tina delivered an energetic, thoughtful and exciting workshop that was exactly what we had discussed and planned. She presented her ideas well, was thoughtful in her answers and considered the audience in her approach. She was sensitive to audience's needs and was still in control of the direction and timing that was required to keep it on track. The general feedback evaluation from the audience was that her style and materials were very useful, her delivery excellent, and they enjoyed being part of this process. I would therefore recommend Tina Thrussell to do a seminar/retreat for your staff.
Erika Serek
Executive Director,
Pacekids Programs
Tina, I just spoke to an admin in S.S.D. (Disabilities) who was at our in-service and she thoroughly enjoyed the day. She thought you were by far the best speaker, because you were “goal-oriented” and were trying to help us, and your presentation wasn’t about you. She said to say, "Thanks."
lori jervis
Program Assistant,
JR SHaw School of Business,
I just want to say, on behalf of the association THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for the wonderful, informative, lively presentation you gave last night. Indeed lots of points to remember. There's no denial everyone enjoyed not only your topic but also your joyous personality as well. I hope we can do this again in the future.
evelyn serbout
Association of Administrative Assistants

Feedback from individuals about healing Shin Dao sessions:

Just over a month ago, I spent an amazing hour with Tina in a Shin Dao session. I had no idea what to expect but after meeting Tina and reading many of her articles I knew it was something that spoke to me and I was drawn to her on that day. From beginning to end, I allowed myself to be open and receiving of all that she surrounded me with. I was able to close my eyes and trust that every sensation and sound was being delivered with good intention. The balancing and healing of this sacred light resonated deep within me and I was able to bring forth feelings that I had suppressed for a very long time. My root chakra was the indicator that triggered huge emotion that I'd kept safe within my spirit for over 40 years, feelings that needed to be brought back into my mind for me to deal with. By the end of our session I knew that I had to allow myself to think and feel what I'd suppressed and was so thankful that Tina had given me an opening to do so. Thank you Tina for all the light and love that you share in this world. Peace be with you always.
Virginia Frampton
Reiki Master
In our healing session I noticed Tina has a unique way to be comfortable and ready to be in the moment with whatever she's feeling intuitively and she follows this through in an easy and incredible way, always in a desire to be in service towards her client. She is very different from the typical spiritual community based practitioners as she lives from the question rather than from the answer to open up the possibilities in people’s lives. One of the many things I appreciate about her is she's open to the resistance that can show up in a session and can explore it in a beautiful non-attached manner. She faces the new information that comes to light with her client as a witness to transformation and breakthroughs without ever losing her interest or integrity. I can easily recommend her sweet, fun and sincere sessions for anyone who is in her presence comes away with a lighter heart and perhaps a few more things to think about.
astrid ritz
Massage Therapist
"I've been working with Tina for the last several years. Her intuition never lets me down. She always knows what I need most. She's a great listener, I love her tools (singing bowls, crystals, etc) and I ALWAYS feel better after I've been with her. That's why I keep coming back!"
Yvonne Basten
Event Manager

"My sessions with Tina have been very helpful. I particularly appreciate the intuitive messages she receives. The sound healing is very powerful for me. I can feel it vibrating in my whole body and I find the sound brings peace!"
Susan Letourneau
Midlife Midwife and Inner Journey Guide
“I love the way Tina is so connected, and the insights that came through during my sessions with her. After each one, I felt more grounded, and yet lighter at the same time. She gave me specific things I could do at home to make my own journey better, calmer, and more tuned in. It really is difficult to put into words all the things you get from a session with Tina. The best thing you can do is have one yourself!”
andrea jones
Personal and Business Coach

Feedback from retreat experiences with Tina:

"Do you want to experience the magic of what it's like to exchange unconditional compassion with everyone around you for an extended period of time? Then you must treat yourself to Tina Thrussell's Dancing Thru Life retreats. In my experience, the resulting sense of peace and contentment is matched only by the sheer joy and exhaustion that comes from letting your inner child dance like no one is watching. Amazing!"
Website Designer & Author
“The ‘mini-retreat’ that Tina Thrussell facilitated at our retirement community facility was very well received by the participants. Tina’s warm and engaging nature made our residents feel comfortable and safe. The great combination of movement, mindfulness and sound techniques got them actively moving in a way they loved, and also created a wonderful sense of freedom and empowerment for many of them. Tina offered us great value, a lot of fun and some tools that we can continue to use at our facility on an on-going basis. We have no hesitation in recommending Tina’s Joy of Movement sessions.”
Life Enrichment
"Tina was a speaker at my women's retreat in June, 2013. I found Tina to be a very dynamic speaker who was able to relate and connect very well with my clients! Tina was well prepared and was able to adapt to changes in the program as they happened. The other thing I noticed about Tina, was her intuitive nature to know when the group needed picking up and how to manage stressful situations. I would highly recommend Tina for future speaking events and would be honoured to work with her again."
jackie trask
Founder, Creating Space Women's Retreats
“Whether you attend a seminar, workshop or retreat Tina is facilitating at, or are blessed to work with her One-on-One, you are bound to Feel Good after spending time with Tina Thrussell!”
sharon carne
Sound Therapist, Author, Speaker, Musician