Fun Personal Growth Parties

For Birthdays, Girls’ Nights, and other Celebrations

Whether you’re looking for a cozy, comfortable home party or something different for your group event, Tina offers experiences with a difference – FUN, interesting, UNIQUE events with growth opportunities built in.

Experience 1: Messages from Higher Sources – Get your questions answered and receive guiding messages from your Guides and Higher Sources.  Tina will offer an ISGI Reading (Intuitive Spiritual Insight and Guidance) to the group as a whole  AND offer an individual reading for each attendee.  (No worries – only positive messages are delivered!)  Tina has a unique collection of tools to assist with the readings that include Divination Cards of various types, The Wisdom Wheel, and Tokens of Light.  Ask a specific question, or trust your guides to deliver the message you need to hear. (Maximum 8 attendees)

Experience 2: Intuition Playshop – A fun way to develop and trust your intuition!  Tina takes you through a series of awe-inspiring, interactive exercises that will help you learn to trust your gut and quit second-guessing yourself.  This is a party that makes a positive difference in each attendee’s life! (Maximum 30 attendees.  Best suited to even numbers of attendees eg. 10 or 20 people)

Experience 3: Purpose and Passion Party – Uncover what you really want from life! Tina utilizes the Passion Test™ to help you gain clarity about what will bring more zip into your life and how you can align your life with your passions.  You’ll also discover seven key principles for living a fulfilling life AND learn the number one secret for living a passionate life. A profound experience!  (Maximum 40 attendees.  Best suited to even numbers of attendees eg. 10 or 20 people)

There are three levels for each of the above experiences – Basic Party, Enhanced Party, Ultimate Party.

Contact Tina at 403-285-5266 for more details and rates

The foundational prices below are based on Tina facilitating a two hour experience at your location within the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.   Longer time periods and travel to other locations, will involve additional costs.  You may also request that Tina provide a location for the experience, in which case, the appropriate rental fee will be added to these base prices.

Basic Party:  Services as described above for up to 8 people – $ 230.00; services as described above for up to 15 people – $320.00; pricing for larger groups on request.

Enhanced Party: Basic Party services PLUS a beautiful, customized profile document for each attendee, that includes Western Zodiac, Eastern Zodiac, Eastern Element, Animal Totem, Destiny Card, Numerology, Life Path and Life Cycle.  (Note: accurate spelling of first and last name and birth date is required for each attendee.) For up to 8 people – $ 320.00; for up to 12 people – $460.00; for up to 16 people – $ 510.00; pricing for larger groups on request.

The Ultimate Party:  Enhanced Party services PLUS an individual coaching session (30 minutes, to be completed by skype or telephone call) to provide follow-up support for the growth and learning acquired at the live event.  For up to 8 people – $ 560.00; for up to 12 people – $820.00; for up to 16 people – $ 990.00; pricing for larger groups on request.

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Phone: 403-285-5266403-285-5266.

Skype: tina.thrussell