Tina Thrussell’s Bio

Tina Thrussell, co-founder of Best U Can Inc. and the Shin Dao Institute, has been facilitating interactive, personal expansion experiences for more than 15 years in a broad range of speaking and teaching environments. This warm, engaging woman, known for her joyful energy and enthusiastic approach to life, has inspired thousands of people over the years to live more purposefully, passionately, and joyfully. Tina incorporates authentic sharing, movement, and light-hearted humour into her presentations for a truly engaging, enjoyable experience that combines powerful tools with her strong intuition to provide long-lasting, positive impacts.

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What Participants have Said

“Tina’s energy is addictive! Pushing the comfort zone can actually be fun and entertaining!” 

Cory Huchkowski
registered massage therapist

“Tina did a great job in getting everyone involved and teaching the material. Her bright and cheery personality really helps in getting things across.” 

Blake Palmer

“Tina makes you feel good about participating. Her enthusiasm is contagious.” 

Paula Odagai
business owner

A Sampling of Satisfied Clients

Conferences & Conventions

CBE (Calgary Board of Education) Staff Association Conventions 
9th Annual Women and Wellness Conference (Ismaili Council for the Prairies)
Healing the Frontline Workers Conference (Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta & Yellowhead Tribal Council)
2016 Canadian New Thought Conference (Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living) 
Teachers Conventions: Calgary City T.C.; North East T.C.; Southeastern Alberta T.C.(SEATCA); Greater Edmonton T.C. (GETCA)

Educational Institutions

N.A.I.T. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) (in-service program)
High Schools: Willow Creek H.S.; Bert Church H.S.; Claresholm High School (mindfulness training for teachers; mindfulness training for students)
Chinook Learning Services, Calgary Board of Education (adult continuing education wellness classes)
Bow Valley College (professional development day)
West Island College (professional development day)


Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (confidence session)
Enviros (“Joy of Movement” sessions at staff retreat days)
Oldman Watershed Council (Volunteerism presentation at A.G.M.)
Families Matter Agency (programs for parents)
Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society  (self-esteem session)
Scouts Canada AGM (leaders development training)
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Regional Conference in Edmonton
“Inspiring Leadership” Literacy & Learning Symposium in Red Deer, AB


ARMTA (Association of Registered Music Teachers of Alberta) (half day “Mindfulness Training” to assist teachers with improving student performance) 
Hypnosis Society of Alberta (“Intuition, Hypnosis and You” session at monthly meeting)
Association of Administrative Assistants (“He Said/She Said” session at monthly meeting)
Martindale Community Association (“The Value of Volunteerism” keynote at volunteer appreciation dinner)
Administrative, Professional and Technical Employees Association

Spiritual Centres

2016 Canadian New Thought Conference (break-out session)

Joy of Life Centre for Spiritual Living (Keynote)
Unity of Calgary (Keynotes & Workshops)Westside Centre for Spiritual Living (Keynotes)

Networking Groups


Savoir Faire Professional Women’s Club
Progressive Group of Independent Business Women
Probus Club of Calgary
eWomen Network


Apache Canada Ltd. (morale boosting afternoon)
Innova Envelopes (sales meetings; client appreciation event)
Hunt Oil Company (staff development session)


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Tina Thrussell’s broad range of experience, combined with her energetic enthusiasm, vast ‘toolbox’ and engaging presentation style make her a welcome addition to any event or learning opportunity. 

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