Bio for Publications:  As the co-founder of Best U Can B Inc, Tina Thrussell, The Feel Good Lady, has been inspiring people to live more purposefully, passionately and playfully since 2003.  Incorporating authentic sharing, movement, and light-hearted humour into everything she does, she makes a positive difference in people’s lives as:  Inspirational / Motivational Speaker; Facilitator (of seminars, workshops, retreats, and healing sessions); Nia® Teacher; Writer; Personal Wellness and Success Coach; Trilotherapist; Quest Master; Master Hugger and Lover of Life!

This warm, engaging woman, known for her joyful and enthusiastic approach to life, blends her z2 (495x640)strong intuition with a variety of effective tools such as co-active coaching, BrainDance, the Passion Test™… and an alluring playfulness that make her presentations impactful and fun.

Tina’s energy is addictive! Pushing the comfort zone can actually be fun and entertaining!” Cory Huchkowski, Massage Therapist

“Tina did a great job in getting everyone involved and teaching the material. Her bright and cheery personality really helps in getting things across.” Blake Palmer, Realtor

“Tina makes you feel good about participating. Her enthusiasm is contagious.” Paula Odagai, Business Owner

Real Bio:  After a long, intense (and disturbingly serious) journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-improvement throughout the turbulent river of my life, I’ve surfaced with a delightfully refreshing outlook.  “Oh, stop taking yourself so seriously!  Live a little!”

Honestly, while I experienced wondrous moments of joyful, appreciative, wonder and child-like awe in my life, there was an underriding seriousness about searching for the meaning of life – of my life, specifically – that often held me back from feeling good.  I held such an incredibly huge expectation for myself.  I was supposed to be deeply noble.  I was supposed to change the world!  Yes, I was supposed to be a world-famous speaker with that one important message that would change the world… but I just didn’t know what that message was and it drove me crazy.

Then one morning in November 2013, I burst into tears in the middle of my meditation, “My #1 passion is living passionately!  Life is Beautiful! It’s ok to enjoy!  Everything is All right!” 

I laugh out loud as I realize it’s taken me 50 years to get honest with myself.  Whether it’s noble or not, my playful spirit, that delightful, joyful sprite that I’ve held hostage for so long, is now free to be.  I’m here on this big blue planet to feel good, to live life passionately, joyously, playfully…. and to share my belief that everyone deserves to feel this good.

And to be even more honest, I hold a vision where there is more love, harmony and peace in the world because people feel good.  I suppose that’s why I’m passionate about sharing information, ideas, tools and attitudes to help people feel good.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard. It really is ok to enjoy it, to have fun with it, to feel good about it!  I commit to living this way, and I would be delighted if in doing so, I inspire you to feel good, too.

Contact Me:

1. telephone: 403-285-5266z42_small

2. email: tina@tinathrussell.com

3. skype: tina.thrussell.

Sampling of Speaking and Facilitation History

  • Conventions and Conferences (Healing the Frontline Workers Conference – Treaty & First Nations of Alberta; Literacy and Learning Symposium in Red Deer; Women and Wellness Conference in Calgary; Teachers Convention in Edmonton; Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Regional Conference in Edmonton; The Calgary Board of Education’s Annual Support Staff Conventions; the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association’s Annual Conference in Calgary; Alberta Association of Family School Liason Workers Conference)
  • Annual General Meetings (“BrainDance” for Elephant Artist Relief Society; “Attitude” and “Communication” for Scouts Canada Northern Lights Region; “Volunteerism” for the Oldman Watershed Council)
  • Association Meetings (Hypnosis Society of Alberta; Administrative, Professional and Technical Employees Association)
  • Networking Meetings (Savoir Faire Professional Women’s Club; the Progressive Group of Independent Business Women; The Probus Club of Calgary; the eWomen Network)
  • Special Events (Caregivers Revitalize Day in Calgary; the Graduation Ceremony of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition; the 25th Reunion of the Graduates of Stony Plain Memorial Composite High School; Volunteer Appreciation evening for the Calgary Police Call Box Gift Shop; guest speaker at the Westside Centre for Spiritual Living; Volunteer Appreciation dinner for the Martindale Community Association; Kneehill Women’s evening)
  • Radio (guest on LeAnn Hilger’s radio show The Dream Big Revolution on VoiceAmerica.com in July, 2008; interviewed on CBC Radio about The Passion Test™ and Free Hugs Day; co-hosted the radio show Seeds of Love on A2Zen.fm with Cheri Valentine.)
  • Television (short promotional video for Nia aired on Telus TV – watch here)
  • Retreats and Intensives (Women’s Retreats for: Best U Can B Inc; Creating Spaces Womens’ Retreats; and Hostelling International. Intensives: The Sage Within and Spiritual Warrior for Best U Can B Inc.)

Tina’s broad range of experience, combined with her energetic enthusiasm and love of life make her a welcome addition to any event or learning opportunity.

You can book Tina for your event by calling her at 403-285-5266. You can find out more about the fabulous programs that she and her team offer by writing tina@tinathrussell.com 

She looks forward to meeting you!