Feel Good Inspiration

z2 (495x640)If you are looking for a facilitator who is






You’ve found her!

Tina Thrussell is Masterful at Inspiring people to Feel Good
(Calm, Peaceful, Confident, Connected, Energized and Alive)
so that they are Healthy, Productive, Focused, and Effective.

 “Whether you attend a seminar, workshop or retreat Tina is facilitating at, or are blessed to work with her One-on-One, you are bound to Feel Good after spending time with Tina Thrussell!”
– Sharon Carne, certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master, and Acutonics Practitioner www.soundwellness.com

Yes, the Feel Good Lady is engaging and fun… yet seriously effective at shifting perspectives. Blending a wealth of transformative tools with her strong intuition, she makes a lasting impact.

Searching for ways to boost effectiveness and productivity in your company?
Want to strengthen communication amongst your people?
Looking for a light-hearted day to reward hard-working staff?
Have a staff member or two who could use a boost in their confidence?
Need to boost morale in a tough environment?
Want help developing team spirit and co-operation in your organization?

No matter what the issue is, as long as you are looking for a lighter, more effective approach, Tina Thrussell has the solution!

If you want:

Less                                                                       More

Stress                                                                    Enjoyment

Conflict                 `                                               Cooperation

Struggle                                                                 Ease

Spinning of Wheels                                               Productivity

Complaining                                                          Contentment

Let Tina Thrussell, the Feel Good Lady, inspire Your

                • Staff / Employees
                • Team / Organization Members
                • Event Attendees
                • Association Members

                  so they
                  Feel Good about Who they are, Where they work and
                  What they are doing.

Tina offers several choices to serve your needs:

  • Interactive, engaging sessions for

    • Conferences
    • Appreciation Events
    • Professional Development Days
    • Retreats
      “Tina was a speaker at my women’s retreat in June, 2013.  I found Tina to be a very dynamic speaker who was able to relate and connect very well with my clients!  Tina was well prepared and was able to adapt to changes in the program as they happened.  The other thing I noticed about Tina, was her intuitive nature to know when the group needed picking up and how to manage stressful situations.   I would highly recommend Tina for future speaking events and would be honoured to work with her again.”  -Jackie Trask, Creating Space Womens Retreats
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Customized Retreats
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-One coaching

Tina looks forward to igniting shift and growth for you and your organization through Feel Good experiences.  Contact her today.

  Contact Tina directly with your questions:z44 (427x640)

1. telephone: 403-285-5266

2. email: info@bestucanb.ca

3. skype: tina.thrussell.



Tina’s way of saying, “Thanks for visiting this site!”

  is to offer you two complimentary Feel Good tools to share with your people:

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Note:  This tool won’t work unless people use it!  So, encourage them to Read the Book – it’s short and won’t take long to read – and then, actually DO the exercises in the book.  Ideas are great, but they are meaningless without action.

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These Feel Good Tips are truly the easiest way to ensure you take the little actions that make a big difference in your life.

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Note:  Just like Tina, this site in constantly evolving.  Please check back often to see the progress we’re making.